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To purchase a 24 hour rental please register here and to make a payment of $2.99 via paypal to view the film. [swpm_registration_form level=2] This page includes news briefs and media coverage for current films and updates for future productions. AG Farm Films is currently wrapping up an exciting original to air on tv in the near future. Here are some news stories you might find interesting. We have had the privilege of enjoying news coverage from various local, statewide, and even national news outlets.

Growing Peanut Butter is our first made for TV and a farm to factory style documentary film about a favorite food item around the world. It's an original agriculture documentary film as it covers more detail about this subject than the public has ever seen before.

It covers ancient history, and how a peanut traveled from South America to Europe and Africa and finally to the shores of North America. It covers modern history how things used to be done, who first made peanut butter, and how a peanut traveled with man to the moon.

It looks at science, growing, harvest, and the making of peanut butter. It ends with a family at a store and then home again where the mom makes the kids PB&J while they watch their favorite TV Show.

Wrapping up the film and the first public presentation.

Ask us where and how you can watch the film. If you're an educator it may be available for your classroom in your online source catalog. We also hope to have it available on other streaming services soon also.

AG Farm Films hopes to announce other exciting titles soon as well. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward in hearing from you.

Peanut Butter Film In The Works - Ga Dept of Agriculture